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Lucid Dreaming

The term "lucid dreaming" was coined by a psychologist named Frederik van Eeden in the late 1960s. It refers to those dreams in which you realize that you are dreaming and begin to alter the events in the dream. Several things may give you clues into the fact that you’re dreaming. You may realize that something in your dream is just not possible in waking life or a negative situation will cause you to search for a way out. At this point of realization, you may tell yourself, "I wish this was a dream!" and suddenly discover that it is, in fact, a dream. From this point on, you may have varying degrees of control over the events in the dream. 

Some researchers believe that all dreams are astral projections. However, most believe that lucid dreams are more likely to be projections into the astral plane instead, because in both, you are conscious of being in another realm. I have read some books that say lucid dreams are astral projections, and others that state that though they share some similarities, they are different experiences. Those who take up the latter viewpoint believe that if you do not experience a conscious departure from your physical body, then you are having a lucid dream, not an astral projection. 

Out of Body Experiences

The term "out- of- body experience," otherwise known as OBE or OOBE, is a term coined by parapsychologists. Many people use the terms OBE and astral projection interchangeably, but there are some basic differences between them. Parapsychologists believe that OBE’s happen only on the physical plane, while astral projection can take place on either the astral or physical plane. This is due to the larger amount of etheric matter held by the body during an OBE; it is significantly more than that used during astral projection. 

Another difference is that OBEs seem to happen in real time, while in astral projections there is often a distortion of time and reality. You may be in the astral for what seems like minutes and discover that a few hours have passed on the physical plane. Usually when a person is having an OBE, he or she is aware of the events going on around his or her physical body. Most OBEs are reported during a near death experience, and those who have had this happen to them are often able to report the conversations that went on around them while they were "out". We would consider that fantasies are present in an astral projection and during an OBE, everything is objective or real.



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