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Meditation is perhaps the most commonly practiced stress buster these days. Different gurus have customised and refurbished meditation in different forms like Transcendental Meditation, Sidhi Samadhi Yoga, Sahaj Yoga etc which attract hundreds of people everyday in India and abroad. 

The Deal: Meditation ‘teachers’ or gurus all over the world are charging in thousands to teach this art to business tycoons. This is a curious by-product (just
one of the many) of the new-age movement. The real technique doesn’t take much time to understand and then it’s up to you to practice, improve and go with the flow.

The Technique: Sit in a quiet corner and concentrate on your third-eye chakra. The most important point is not to let any thoughts seep in; but that is not an easy task. In fact it’s not really worth trying–if thoughts come, let them. But also let them go. You will find that concentrating for more than a couple of minutes is difficult to start with. Don’t worry, you’ll get the knack soon and concentrate better.

t’s just a technique, like Maths–practice makes perfect. Soon you’ll have wonderful visions, people, lots of other stuff; all these images come from your unconscious and subconscious mind. Meditation is about relaxation and getting focused as a person. So don’t expect any drastic revelations about the deeper meaning of life. They might come too, but don’t hold your breath. It’s better to meditate in a group, share experiences and learn together. 

Watch Out: 
Don’t strain yourself. Demanding too much of you will only hamper your confidence. If you’re not seeing or feeling as others it doesn’t mean you are less ‘evolved’. Everyone has their own experiences, no one’s better or worse. Keep practicing. 

The cost of learning meditation can vary wildly– from Rs.1,000 a week to Rs. 50,000–depending upon the type of meditation, the guru and the place, you choose. The money that you may spend generally doesn’t have any correlation with the quality of the teaching. Its better to go through some reference than to go to an organisation or a guru, who advertise. There are organisations and gurus teaching meditation for quite a modest some.


Sri Aurobindo Ashram 
Aurobindo Marg, Near IIT,
Meditation Hall is opened from 9 AM to 7 PM daily.
Special collective meditation session takes place every evening from 7 PM
to 7.30 PM

Osho Rajayoga Meditation Centre 
C – 5/54, Safdarjung Development Area
Ph. – 6862898
This Meditation is only for those who are already into meditation. From 7.30 AM to 8.30 AM, in the morning Dynamic meditation session takes place. In the evening from 5 PM to 6 PM Kundalini meditation takes place. 

Sri Aurobindo Centre 
Adhchini, Qutab Road
Ph. – 6512491
From 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM meditation, pranayam and relaxation classes are organised everyday free of cost. 


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