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Ideal Gift for Kids

Get a Healthy, Nutritious and Well Balanced Diet Plan customized for your KID.
(Cost: US $ 25)

Personalized Diet Counseling

Ever had an urge to know "Which food items do I encourage in my diet and which ones do I restrict?" or "What is best suited for me and what is not ?"....

Well, our Experts in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition are here to guide you through. A few advantages of our Personalized Diet Counseling are:

Helps in resolving all your Diets & Nutrition related queries and problems >
Helps in selection and eating right kind of nutritious cum balanced diets according to one's analyzed requirements.
Helps in preventing and controlling Weight gain
Helps in preventing, controlling and curing different diseases/ailments 

Online Personalized Diet Counseling

Appointment based Personalized Diet Counseling

(presently offered at Delhi area only)
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" Human diseases are the result of Heredity, Environment & Food "
  It is impossible to change Heredity   It is difficult to change one's Environment But it is relatively easy to change one's Food Habits

Diet and Nutrition Tips. Free consultation by Ms Shubi Husain
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