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 Rogani Mushrooms
(Mushrooms cooked in a rich onion and tomato curry)
Saunfia Paneer Tikka
(Grilled cottage cheese slices with a hint of aniseed)
Shahi Paneer-Baby Corn Korma
(Paneer and baby corn simmered in a curd-tomato gravy)

Kujja Kulfi

This home made ice cream is set and served in special earthenware cups)
 Orange Phirni
Sweet yoghurt flavoured with oranges)
Ras Malai
(Cottage cheese balls soaked in flavoured milk)
(Sweetened pancakes with raisins)
(Sweet vermicelli mixed with almonds and pistachios)
 Dry Fruit Fudge
Sticky fudge, mixed with walnuts, raisins, cashew nuts and walnuts)
(Thick, sweet milk flavoured with essences)
 Nariyal Paan
(Green coloured pancakes with sweet coconut filling)
 Zardaloo Bahar
(Chilled apricot puree topped with rosettes of beaten cream)
Chand Ka Tukda
(French toast served with rabri)
Shahi Koftas
(Breadcrumb koftas stuffed with dry fruits and mawa, served with chilled mango puree)


Butter Chicken
(Boneless chicken in a rich gravy of cashew nut paste and butter)
Chicken Korma
(Chicken pieces marinated in saffron-almond-cashew nut paste)
Chicken Liver Masala
(Curried liver, quite popular with the Muslims in India, is made more interesting by adding diced potatoes and frozen green peas.)
Murgh Yakhanee Pulao
(Rice spiced with chicken and spices) TURKEY
Turkey Jhal Frezee
(A huge roast turkey or goose is the mainstay of any Christmas party. This stir-fry - jhal means pungently hot, and frezee means fried - was a standard way of cooking leftovers for Boxing Day.)

(Mutton chops grilled on skewers)
(Tender lamb leg roasted and seasoned with chaat masala powder)
Curry Puffs
(Curry puffs are, perhaps, one of the best examples of East meets West, or Raj meets Indian. They are a kind of sausage roll where, instead of sausage meat, the filling is minced (curry) kheema)
Mutton Egg Masala
(Spicy mutton with hard-boiled eggs)
Nizami Kheema Sandwich
(A delicious stuffed sandwich, flavoured with Indian spices and masalas)

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