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Bengali Starters and Snacks

Chicken stock used as a base for many gravies and soups

bengali jhalmuri
(Similar to Bhelpuri) Jhal Muri is a very popular spicy evening snack.

Begun bhajia-
Begun Bhajia is a quick and tasty appetizer.

Deep fried fish -
Deep Fried Fish is a delicious appetizer.

Egg roll recipe - 
Delicious tomato soup with egg threads - it is as tasty as it looks

Fish cutlet -
Fish Cutlet is a very popular recipe.

Fish fry -

Fulkopir vada
(Cauliflower Pakoda) Fulkopir Vada is a popular Bengali recipe prepared during Durga Puja.

Koraishutir kochuri recipe
(Green peas Kachouri) Koraishutir Kochuri Recipe is a very popular delicious breakfast recipe among Bengalis.

(Puri) Luchi is a traditional Bengali recipe.

(Namakpare) Nimki can be stored in air tight container for a long time. It is also known as Flour Cracker.

Pyaaji is popular as Pyaaj Ke Pakode.

Vegetable chop
Vegetable Chop is a very popular recipe.

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