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Paneer Palak Methi Rotis

Preparation Time: 10 minutes  * Cooking Time: 15 minutes  * Makes 6 rotis

Ingredients How to ?

For the dough

  1. Mix the ingredients and knead into a dough. Add more curds if required to make the dough
  2. Divide into 6 portions and roll out into rotis
  3. Cook on a tawa (griddle) on both sides

How to proceed

When you want to serve, sprinkle a little topping on top of each roti. Place below the grill for 1 minute.

* Serve Hot 

Health Information: Methi, palak and paneer, when added to the whole wheat chapatti increase the calcium content more than 7 times. Methi is rich in calcium and Vitamins A and C 

Per Paratha: Calories: 90  * Protein: 4g   * Carbohydrates: 16g   * Fat:  1.4g

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