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Stuffed Bajra Roti

Preparation Time: 10 minutes  * Cooking Time: 30 minutes  * Makes 8 rotis

Ingredients How to ?
For the dough
  1. Add salt and hot water to the bajra flour and make dough
  2. Knead well, divide into 16 portions and roll out each portion into thin rotis

How to proceed

  1. Spread a little stuffing on one roti. Then put another roti on  top and press well so that it becomes one roti. Repeat for the remaining rotis and stuffing.
  2. Cook each stuffed roti on a tawa (griddle) on both sides without oil.

* Serve hot. If you like, apply a little butter, before serving.

Health Information: Bajra is a coarse millet which has no gluten and can be eaten by people requiring gluten free diets. This roti is high in fibe and iron 

Per Paratha: Calories: 115  * Protein: 7g   * Carbohydrates: 18g   * Fat: 1.4g

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