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Low Calorie and Healthy Recipes

If you wish to make these healthy recipes much more low in terms of calories then please do keep these points in mind. These recipes may be used as such as directed for those who are normal in weight but are under certain restrictions of spices and oily food and also by those who want to reduce weight by simply following these steps.
  • Milk or milk product like cheese, curd, etc. used in any recipe is either low fat or prepared from skimmed milk.
  • Olive oil, mustard oil or vegetable oil like groundnut/soya to be used in place of ghee, lard, mayonnaise, or butter wherever applicable. If the recipe is of baking or grilling type then may use olive oil or amount of the quantity mentioned.
  • If the recipe uses mayonnaise for dressing, then you may replace it with hung curd dressing or sauce like tomato or mustard if possible or else again use of the quantity mentioned
  • Use fresh fruit and vegetables whenever possible instead of purchasing canned or processed variety. If purchasing the canned variety always choose those without any preservative or specifically sugar syrup or salt water (brine).
  • Use fresh fish and chicken for your recipe.
  • Prefer almonds, pistachios or walnuts over cashew, raisins and peanuts.
  • Use sugar substitute or honey if want to have a low calorie dessert or nutritionally better recipe.
  • Use whole wheat flour or add bran wherever all purpose flour or maida has been mentioned in the recipe for a nutritionally adequate recipe.
  • Cream cheese can be substituted by soft and mashed cottage cheese if possible.
  • Baking, steaming, grilling or boiling are preferably better than frying for any person as these cooking methods retain the nutrients quite well in comparison to frying.
  • Recipe gives an idea of how the ingredients can be combined to produce a tantalizing delicacy. Now the ingredients may be altered or replaced depending on your expertise to give much more delightful dishes. For example each fish recipe can be tried with chicken or turkey or even vegetables for variety.
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