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Dosa is a thin lacey pancake made of lightly-fermented rice flour. It is also known as Thosai.


       Ingredients How to?
    4 measures of Rice
    1 measure of Urud Dal
    2 tsp Methi Seeds (fenugreek seeds)
    Salt to taste
    Oil to fry
Soak the urud dal and the methi seeds together in a bowl for about 4 hours, with the water fully covering the dal and methi seeds.
Also soak the rice separately, for about 4 hours.
Grind the urud dal, methi seed mix to a smooth paste. Add very little water while grinding, or avoid it if possible.
Grind the rice coarsely and mix the urud dal and methi seed paste with the paste of rice.
Mix them well and allow fermenting overnight.
Next morning, stir the batter well and add salt to this batter. Batter should have a pouring consistency, you may add little water if required.
Heat the griddle and grease it before pouring the dosas.
Pick up a serving spoon full of batter, pour it at the center of the pan and using spoon, spread the batter quickly. Note that the batter should not touch the edges.
Now trickle little oil around the edges of the dosa.
When the edges start browning, flip the dosa with the pancake flipper.
Let it cook on the same side for around 1 min.
Then, pick the edges off of one side of the dosa with the flipper and fold it over the other side
Dosa is ready to serve.

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