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Ragi Mudde

Cuisine Style Karnataka
Cooking Time 15 minutes
To Serve 4
Take with any gravy

       Ingredients How to?
  • Ragi Powder (English: Finger millet, Tamil: Kezhvaragu) -2 cups
  • Steamed rice-1/4 cup (for texture)
  • Water-4 cups
  • Salt as needed.

Bring the water to boil and add salt.
Pour Ragi powder into boiling water.
Stir well using wooden spatula (stir as fast as you can).
Remove from flame when your dough becomes thick.
Sprinkle steamed rice and mix well.
Let it cool for some time.
Make balls (Mudde) using your wet hand.

Note: You can avoid mixing of steamed rice.
Tips: You can mix ragi powder with one cup of cold water then pour this mixture in to hot boiling water to make this process some what easy. Dissolve mudde in butter milk, you will get Kezhvaragu Khoozh.

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