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The Skin Whitening Cream

US $ 25 (INRs 1200/-)
1 bottle (50 gms)

Free Delivery throughout India
Price inclusive of Courier charges

BIOWHITE is a plant extract based product without kojic acid and hydro quinine. It is a unique formulation containing ingredients like saxifrage extract, mulberry root extract, grape extract, scutellaria extract know for their depigmentation activity.

Biowhite contains the following plant extracts:
  • Mulberry Extract - has the basic molecules to stop tyrosinase production. Also has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Saxifrage Extracts - extracts of over 370 plant species with anti-free radical action, thus preventing skin damages caused by UV radiation. Also has Arbutin, a whitening extract that degrades the melanin structure.
  • Scutellaria Root Extract - skin whitening compound which has flavonoids molecules to stop tyrosinase production.
  • Grape Extract - A high concentration of Hydroxy Acid which promotes cell-renewal. Works in synergy with other ingredients to combat pigmentation.

BIOWHITE as a whole:

  • Promotes brighter complexion.
  • Helps combat fine lines
  • Gives uniform complexion
  • Helps depigmentation
  • Increases skin firmness to give youthfulness
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Scavenges free radicals to protect oxidative damages.
  • BIOWHITE is manufactured in Australia

  For Placing Online Orders:
OR Mail Orders: Biowhite Cream can also be ordered by sending a Demand Draft / Pay Order / Cheque in favour of,  payable at New Delhi at the following address: (PN: For outstation cheques please add Rs 50/- to the cost)

D-II, C-35,Moti Bagh - I, New Delhi - 110021

Each pack of Biowhite Fairness Cream contains 50gms
Price Indian Rupees 1200/- each 
Free Delivery throughout India only.


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