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Ingrown Toenails
An ingrown toenail is often caused by an improperly trimmed nail that cuts into the skin or by wearing shoes that are too tight. Because the cut can easily become infected, prompt care is needed.

Cut toenails straight across so the edges cannot cut into the skin. 
Wear roomy shoes. 
Wash your feet and change your socks often.

Home Treatment
Soak your foot in warm water. 
Wedge a small piece of wet tissue under the comer of the nail to help it grow out straight. 
Trim the nail straight across once it has grown out enough to do so.

When to Call a Health Professional ?
If signs of infection develop:
1.  Increased pain, swelling, or tenderness 
2.  Red streaks extending from the area 
3.  Discharge of pus 
4.  Fever of 100' or higher with no other cause

If yellow-brown discoloration, nail destruction, or other signs of fungal infection develop, tell your doctor at your next appointment. 
If you have diabetes or circulatory problems. The risk of infection is higher in people who have these conditions

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