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Intertrigo (Chafing)
Intertrigo is a chafing rash that occurs between skin folds. Common sites are the armpit, groin, inner thighs, anal region, and under the breasts. Moisture, warmth, and friction combine to cause chafing. Weight loss and home treatment can clear up the problem. If, the rash is not treated, bacterial or fungal infections may develop.

Home Treatment

  • If you come in contact with a substance that may cause a rash, such as poison ivy, wash all exposed areas thoroughly with detergent and water. 
  • Watch for early signs of rashes. Fast treatment can usually clear up the problem quickly, before it spreads.
  • If a rash develops, wash affected areas with water only. Soap can be irritating. Pat dry thoroughly. Apply cold, wet compresses to the rash to reduce itching. Repeat frequently. 
  • Leave the rash exposed to air. Baby powder can help keep it dry. Avoid lotions and ointments until the rash heals. However, calamine lotion is helpful for plant rashes. Use it three to four times a day. 
  • Hydrocortisone cream can provide temporary relief of itching. Use sparingly on facial rashes and the genitals. 
  • Rashes on the feet or groin may be due to fungal infections. 

When to Call a Health Professional ?
If signs of infection appear:
    1.  Pain, swelling, or tenderness 
    2.  Heat and redness, or red streaks extending from the area 
    3.  Discharge of pus 
    4.  Honey-colored crust forms on the rash 
    5.  Fever of 1000 or higher with no other cause

If you suspect a medication reaction caused the rash. 
If rash occurs with fever and joint pain. 
If rash occurs with sore throat. 
If you aren't sure what is causing a rash. 
If rash continues after two to three weeks of home treatment.
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