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Warts are infectious growths that are caused by a virus. They can appear anywhere on the body. Warts usually are not dangerous, but they can be bothersome. Little is known about warts. Most are contagious. They can spread to other places on the person who has them, and they can be spread from person to person. However, some people seem to be more susceptible to warts, while others appear to be immune to them.

Genital and anal warts are easily spread through sexual contact and may increase the risk of cervical cancer. 

Plantar warts appear on the soles of the feet. Most of the wart lies under the skin surface, so it may feel like you are walking on a pebble.

Warts seem to come and go for little reason, and they appear to be sensitive to slight changes in the immune system. Although there is no scientific explanation of why it works, in some cases you can "think" them away. When necessary, your doctor can remove warts. Unfortunately, they often come back.

Home Treatment
Warts appear and disappear spontaneously. They can last a week, a month, or even years. To get rid of your warts, it helps to believe in the treatment. If something works for you, stick with it. If the wart bleeds a little, cover it with a bandage and apply light pressure to stop the bleeding. If the wart is in the way, reduce its size with a pumice stone or an over-the-counter salicylic acid solution (Compound W). This drug can be irritating in high concentrations; you may need to use a milder form for a longer period of time. Apply salicylic acid solution to the wart at night, and rub off the whitened skin in the morning. Do not use salicylic acid if you have diabetes or peripheral vascular disease.  If you use a pumice stone, both the scrapings from the wart and the area of the pumice stone that touched the wart can be infectious. Do not touch this material. Discard both the wart scrapings and pumice stone promptly. 

Apply a doughnut-shaped pad to cushion the wart and relieve pain. Don't cut or bum off a wart. Try the least expensive method of treating warts that you can think of. You may save a trip to your doctor.

When to Call a Health Professional ?
If a wart looks infected (increasing pain, swelling, redness, warmth, or discharge of pus) after being irritated or knocked off. 
If a plantar wart is painful when you walk and foam pads do not help. 
If a wart causes continual discomfort, or if warts are numerous enough to be a problem. 
If a wart develops on the face and is a cosmetic concern. 
If you have warts in the anal or genital area.

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