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Art of Beautification

Your face is the most attractive part of your personality. A skillfully done make-up enhances its appeal; it gives you an added dignity in society, and helps you gain self-confidence. But, mind you, make-up should speak for itself, show your taste and enhance your dignity; mere piling-up of beauty aids is not make-up. Such unskilful use of cosmetics diminishes natural beatury. There are women who are not beautiful, but since they know the art of carrying themselves; they become the centre of attraction despite their ordinary looks. Attractive personality and beauty are two different things. If you have an appealing personality, your complexion and your looks will add to your charm but, unfortunately, if you have an unattractive personality, only looks will not be able to help you.

A woman should learn the art of beautification and should adopt a style of her own so as to remain the centre of attraction. It is, therefore, necessary to know the secrets of beauty aids and the art of using them to the maximum advantage. It is also essential to have a thorough knowledge of the various beauty aids available in the market.

It is helpful to apply a good foundation or lotion on the hands, neck and the face before make-up, so that the skin appears even. Powder gives a kind of glow to the checks, so does the cream. Rouge heightens  the natural pink tinge of the cheeks. Eyes lend charm to the face. Their beauty can be increased by a make-up of the eyes, eye brows and eye lashes. All these beauty aids are important to enhance the appeal. Every woman should know them and should take care to use these to the maximum benefit.

Although a large number of different beauty aids are available, they should be used according to the specific requirement of one's age, skin, shape of the face, season and occasion. Wrong choice of make-up may affect your skin; you may look unattractive or more aged than your actual age. In order to keep your facial skin young and glowing you can use various cold creams, vanishing creams, nourishing creams, cleansing creams, astringent lotions, calamine lotions, foundation creams and face powders.

Cold cream is used to minimise the effect of the vagaries of the climate. It can also be used as cleansing cream to clean the skin of dust and dirt. Cleansing creams are made with honey, wax, almond oil, borax powder, rose water and essence. Cold cream can be used all through the year. It protects the skin from the cold biting dry breezes in winter. In the rainy season and in summers, it is used as an all-purpose cream. Some popular brands are: Lakme, Ponds, Charmis, Navea, Max-factor, Pears, Afghan Snow, Emami and Johnson.

Moisture is necessary to preserve the skin from the ups and downs of the weather. Vanishing cream keeps the skin moist. It is beneficial for oily and normal skin. Vanishing cream contains stearic acid, potassium hydro-oxide, glycerine, di-glycol stearate and water. If used before make-up, vanishing cream lends a glow to the face. Some known products are : Lakme, Max-Factor, Ponds, Charmis, etc.

Nourishing cream is used to give nourishment to the skin. In softnes the skin and keeps it glowing. The bottle of nourishing cream should be kept away from the reach of the children because the lanolin, wax and oil contents in it are injurious to health. Lakme and Max-Factor are some of the major producers of nourishing creams.

It is used to clean the face of make-up and the dust before going to bed. The layers of make-up, dust and sweat remain as a coat on the face and do not let the skin breath which may result in wrinkles and dullness. Cleansing cream is made with a mixture of stearic acid, mineral oil, lanolin, teropenol, tri-ethanolamine, propyline, glycol and perfume. Some famous brands are : Gala, Lakme, Anne French and Max-Factor.

Astringent lotion is used to check the oily skin's tendency to ooze stickiness, because oiliness clogs the pores. In order to open them, it is advisable to use a good astringent lotion on the exposed part of the skin. The main ingredients in an astringent lotion are : alum (fitkiri), glycerine and water. Some well-known brands of this lotion are : Max-factor, Lakme, Gala.

Calamine is used to remove the spots on the skin and to make it even. It is available in various shades according to the requirement of one's complexion. Lakme's Lacto-Calamine and Vicco Turmeric Cream are popular products in this field.

Foundation cream not only removes the spots, but it also makes the skin smooth so that make-up looks appealing and well-set on the face. Max-Factor's Hi-Fi, foundation cream is available in many shades. It can be chosen according to your complexion. 'Satin Glow' by Lakme is in liquid form and is useful for all types of skin. 'Look Natural' by Gala and 'Sheer Genius' by Max-Factor are complete beauty aids in themselves.

Face powder is applied after the application of foundation cream to make the face look glowing and bright. Face powders are available in different shades and should be chosen according to the colour of your skin. Chemicals such as kaolin, talc magnesium stearate, magnesium carbonate, zinc oxide, yellow oxide, grey oxide and perfume are used for manufacturing face powders. Care should be taken not inhale face powder because the chemicals it contains like magnesium and oxide are injurious to lungs. These may cause cancer. Lakme, Max-Factor and Ponds are some fine products.

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