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Home made face packs
It is much better if you can use the home-made face-pack instead of ready-made. Today women are getting more and more inclined towards using the herbal and natural therapy to beauty. These beautifying things do not affect the skin adversely. Though the costly make-up bought from the market increase your beauty temporarily, it cannot be overlooked that the repeated use of these artificial means leave scars in the shape of early ageing. Home made face packs help in providing natural oil and moisture to the skin. If you just look carefully you will find many of the ingredients of face-pack in your kitchen. Some of the important ways to prepare face-pace at home are as below:

Egg Pack: Take the yolk of one egg, mix in it two spoonfuls of rose water and one spoonful of honey and preserve. Use it once a week. It is useful in winters. If you have wrinkles, take the white of an egg, beat it, mix in it three spoonfuls of oat-powder, one spoonful of of honey and apply on the face. For still more dry skin another method is thus : Yolk of one egg, two spoonfuls of orage juice, half a spoon of lemon juice and a few drops of sweet almond oil. Mix it well, beat it and apply it. Keep it for half an hour before washing it off.

Soyabeans or Masoor Dal (Lentil) Pack: Take fifty grams soyabeans (or masoor dal), soak it in water over-night. Grind it well next morning into as paste after removing the shells. Mix unboiled milk and almond oil in the paste and apply.

Besan (Gram Flour) Pack: Take one spoonful of besan, a pinch of turmeric (haldi), half a spoon of honey and half spoon of olive oil. Mix it well and apply.

Multani Mud Pack:  Take a spoonful of finely ground multani mud, a spoonful of rose water or cleansing-milk and prepare a thick paste. Apply a thick coat on the oily part of your face and a light coat on the dry part. Let it remain for ten minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

Urad Dal Pack: Grind urd dal into a fine powder, mix rose water , glycerine and almond oil, make a paste and apply.

Sandalwood Pack: Make chandan paste, add rosewater and apply it on your face. It has cooling effect. If the skin is oily, add a small quantity of sulphur to it.

Mint Pack: Grind fresh green mint and apply the paste on your face for twenty to twenty-five minutes. It absorbs internal heat of the skin.

Curd Pack: Take 1 spoonful of besan, 2 spoonfuls of curd. Mix well, apply it for half an hour. It  is soothing for the skin affected by heat-wave.

Butter coating: If the face is dry due to heat, beat a spoonful of butter in water and apply.

Cucumber Pack: Peel a cucumber and grind it fine. Put unboiled milk in it and apply. It is softening

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