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Get fairer
Ever wished to get fairer !
India & Beauty- It feels good to be beautiful. To find oneself being admired. To have that flawless skin, those perfect features, that positive aura. Nature does its bit. But more is needed. Cosmetics. Fashion. And for something more permanent - good food, regular exercise, regular massage. This section will give you all that you need to look and feel beautiful, both cosmetically and systemically
"Food is one of the keys to Beauty and good health. Correct selection of food is not only good for your health, but at the same time it makes you look beautiful and radiant in a natural way"
Shubi Husain
beautiful hands
Tips for Beautiful Hands :
Hands are a symbol of your beauty as well as the messenger of sentiments 
art of beautification
Art of Beautification :
What to use and when to use
fungal infections
Fungal Infections
How does this affect me?
ageing process
The Process of Aging
Is there a way out?

Keep wrinkles at bay
Wrinkles prematurely give an old look to an otherwise young person..
your Skin Type
What's your skin type ?
Normal Skin
Dry Skin
Oily Skin or
Combination Skin

homemade natural beauty products
Purely Natural and Money saving:-

  Face packs
Hair tonic
  Hair conditioner
  Hair spray
  Hair setting lotion
  Cuticle cream
  Eye cream
  Nourishing cream
  Vitamin cream
  Body lotion
  Hand lotion
  Cold cream
  Cleansing cream
  Skin food
  Skin tonic
  Astringent lotion
  Tooth powder
  Mouth wash

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