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Tips to Delay Aging
Most people look at food for its entertainment value rather than its nutrient value. Overeating is a popular pastime amongst the bored and affording people. Unfortunately, overeating is thought to be the major cause of premature aging. Although some of us are fortunate to be coded with the right genes, certain practices and food choices that you make influence how you look and feel, influence the length of your life, and contribute significantly to vitality in old age. Forty years of research has shown that when a nourishing diet is eaten sparingly, aging can be retarded and you can add years of vitality to your life. This strategy makes absolute biological sense because most people who overeat are actually under nourished. Consumption of rich and denatured food (rich gravies, biryani, cream , sauces, sugar-laden desserts, fried puris, oily parathas, maida rotis) is responsible for most of our civilized diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. Overeating causes digestive upsets, weakness (from lack of nourishing foods) and accelerates aging. Overeating results from excessive availability of food which has been mished-mashed', overcooked and denatured to suit our taste-buds. Once we become slaves to our taste buds, overeating becomes a compulsory habit. Overeating causes heat in the stomach which itself becomes a cause of overeating. One feels overtly hungry all the time and cannot bring himself to stop. You then develop what is known as 'artificial appetite'.

It is important to break this overeating-heat-overeating cycle, and bring it down to 'normal appetite'. This can be done by a process of detoxification which involves drinking plenty of fluids in the form of vegetables juices and clean water, and consuming fresh whole fruits, whole grains and pulses. Consume foods as close to their natural state as possible. This ensures their nutrient density and satisfies hunger.

Once you achieve normal appetite', it is easier for you to make the healthier food choices mentioned below. The age to which you live and health benefits you achieve out of making correct food choices need not be determined by your parent's age. Your success on retarding your aging process depends on your willingness to try out new health guidelines. If you are open to experiencing good health, you can gain a whole new body from the wisdom of nutrition and health awareness.

I am sure all of you agree that health is the greatest of human blessings. Looking after it will not only retard the aging process but it will also help you to celebrate life better.

Tips to beat the biological clock

  • Eat up to 3/4th of your capacity. When you eat less. you produce fewer free radicals )cell-damaging oxygen molecules) which are known to be the prime players in accelerating the aging process. Excess calories (in other words, overeating) are the enemies of youth.
  • In case of excessive appetite ( a sign of excess heat) in the body, balance your appetite by consuming raw, cooling vegetables like cucumber, celery, cabbage, radish, lettuce, tomatoes and fruits like watermelon, apple, banana, oranges, grapefruits, pears etc. Drink a lot of (10-12 glasses) of tepid water, watery soups and vegetable broths.
  • Take anti oxidants every day in the form of a vegetable juice or wheat grass juice or by taking an antioxidant vitamin supplement of A.C.E. and selenium.
  • Reduce consumption of stimulants like coffee and colas. avoid tobacco, reduce alcohol and fried foods, sugar and maida-based foods. These foods are denatured (robbed of natural vitamins) and trigger production of free radicals in the body which precipitate the aging process.
  • Maintain ideal body weight. Neither under nor overweight is desirable. Achieving ideal body weight does provide the basis for attaining good health.
  • Eat high fibre foods like dark, green, leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains like jowar, bajra, naachini, brown rice, whole wheat; pulses like rajma, channa, moth sprouted moong beans, chowli beans, nuts and seeds.
  • Take 30 minute brisk walk at least 5-6 days in a week.
  • Stay in the company of people you enjoy being with, and maintain a position outlook in life.
  • Use the right oils for cooking. Olive oil is the most beneficial for health. Oils extracted from till and mustard seeds also have health-promoting properties. Supplement this by taking 2 table-spoons of flax seeds everyday.
  • Take a multi vitamin-mineral tablet everyday while following a healthful eating pattern.
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