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Tips to beautiful Hands
Hands are symbols of beauty as well as messengers of sentiments. Possibly, they are more important then the beauty of face. A beautiful face gives pleasure to the eyes, but beautiful hands give pleasure of touch as also of sight. There are three things to keep hands beautiful: Soft skin, shapely fingers and beautiful nails.

Here are a few tips to Beautiful Hands:

  • Take milk cream, add a few drops of lemon juice and glycerine. Rub on your hands at night.
  • Wash your hands with vinegar mixed water or lemon juice mixed water to ward off the ill effects of hot water, soda, soap and other detergents.
  • Glycerin mixed with rose water or cucumber juice should be rubbed on hands with a cotton wool swab. It cleans the skin.
  • Massage hands and fingers with almond oil at night before going to bed. It makes the skin attractive.
  • Use hand lotion in winter to avoid winter dryness. If your skin is too dry, add carbolic acid to vaseline and rub in. 
  • If hands are rough take a spoonful of sugar and lemon juice. Rub palms till sugar dissolves. Wash of with cold water. Honey can also be used instead of sugar. Boil potatoes, peel them before they get cold. Pulp them well and rub the pulp on fingers.
  • Hairy hands look ugly. These hairs can be removed by waxing or hidden by bleaching. Bleach or wax your hands once a month.


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