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5 Ways to Start Losing Weight Today

Are you ready to lose weight but aren't sure how to start? Worry no more. Follow our five easy steps to weight loss today. No more delays. No more waiting until Monday or the New year. No more looking for the perfect diet. Follow these simple and effective steps and you'll get started losing weight today, and keep it off tomorrow. 

1. Carry a notebook and a pen.
Make sure you write in that notebook! Every single thing that you swallow should be written in your notebook, preferably as soon as you swallow it. If you finish your daughter's leftover Pop-Tart at breakfast, write it down. Sample a cookie at the office? Write it down. Just a 'taste' of the stew you're making for dinner? You've got it: Write it down! Writing down what we eat and drink forces us to be aware of what we're putting in our mouth. It also gives us an easy way to track our intake and decide what changes we want to make. 

2. Ask 'why?'

Every time you start to eat or drink, ask yourself one word: Why? Why am I eating this? Am I hungry, tired, bored, stressed, lonely? The correct answer is simple: hunger. If you're not hungry, don't eat. Figure out what you need to do to satisfy that emotion: Take a nap, read a book, yell at your boss, call a friend -- just don't eat if you're not hungry. 

3. Eat to lose.

That's right, if you skip meals you won't lose weight. Why not? Because then you'll get so hungry that you snack, or eat more than you want to, or end up feeling miserable and quit right away. Everybody needs to eat and deserves to eat three meals per day. Snacks, too (if, of course, you can answer #2 correctly first). And
forget those skimpy little diet meals. They just leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied. A meal should include whole grains, fruit and vegetables, protein and even a small amount of fat.

4.Remember your favorite things.

If you've ever tried to completely avoid your favorite food, then completely lost
control and devoured the entire bag of cookies, you know what I'm talking about. Stuck on chocolate? Eat one delicious, exquisite piece of high-quality chocolate every evening. Savor that chocolate. Sit down, relax, and do nothing but enjoy the flavor, texture and experience of eating the chocolate. Eat slowly, enjoying every bite. And whatever you do, don't feel guilty. A small portion of your favorite food will keep you satisfied and happy -- and losing weight. 

5.Find a part of your body that moves (not your mouth) and move it.

Everyone can move something. If you have bad knees you can still exercise your arms or even do water exercises in a pool. Take up line dancing or karate. Walk the dog in the morning before work, take the kids for a bike ride after school, or listen to favorite music while using your treadmill. Even housework can become exercise if you move vigorously enough. Turn vacuuming into a race, wash windows
with plenty of elbow grease, or scrub flours until you work up a sweat. There simply are no excuses for not moving. Every day. Monday through Sunday. Start with five minutes and add 1-5 additional minutes every week until you're moving for at least 60 minutes every day. You can spread the activity times apart if you want: vacuum for 10 minutes in the morning, take a brisk 15-minute walk at lunch, ride bikes with your sweetie after dinner for 30 minutes and carry out garbage (at a fast clip) for 5 minutes. You've done it!

There you have it: five simple, easy-to-start steps toward weight loss and long-term weight management. Start right now. 


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