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Myths or Truths

All Tradition related Belief's are NOT Myths

Fish Many of us have been brought up to abstain from fish during months spelt without an Hour i.e. May through June. May and June are the hottest months when Fish, a highly perishable food item, could easily get decomposed  July and August are the months when fish are known to spawn and must be spared the Net. Our old books warned against partaking of 'Hilsa' fish during the monsoons and it has now been established that during the monsoons, 'Hilsa' plays host to the cholera virus.

Mangoes are 'heating', You must have heard it being said over and over again. To counter the heat one must soak them in cold water for 2 to 3 hours before you eat them. Further, a repast of mangoes must be followed by a few sips of cold or lukewarm milk. There's sense in all that. Mango peel contains an essential oil which can irritate the human skin and mucous membrane. Given the quantities of mango consumed by an average Indian adult, it is important to remove some of this oil by soaking in water. And a sip of milk after a mango soothes away any tendency to heartburn.

Coarsely ground flour is considered superior to the fine variety, with good reason, for the coarseness is largely due to bran, a rich source of vitamin B and the much needed fibre. 

The belief that 'karela', 'jamun' and 'methi' are good for diabetics is not an old wives tale. These three do help control blood sugar levels. 

Amla and carrot preserve (murabba) is said to put pep into you. It sure does. Unless subjected to prolonged cooking. Amla is packed with vitamin C and carrot with vitamin A. Sugar provides calories, hence the energy and hey presto, you feel on the top of the world!

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