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This data is essential for our Nutritionists  at to plan out your personal Diet plan. Please fill up all the details correctly. 

Assurance: We at assure you that this data will be kept completely confidential and will be utilized solely towards the personalization of  your Weight Reduction/Gain Programs 

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  US $ 150 (Indian Rs. 9300 )
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  US $ 205 (Indian Rs. 12710 )
D 20 4

  US $ 260 (Indian Rs. 16120 )

S* -- --
  US $ 20   (Indian Rs. 1240 )
S*:- Indiadiets Special Offer [ Program S ]: One time Diet Chart. Only for those who wish to maintain their already perfect figure / physique and good health by consciously following proper food habits and dietary regulations. For details >>

Maintenance is a part of the individual program, with no extra charges
The prices are inclusive of Postal / Courier charges for sending the IHP Diet Package
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