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You are Here: Home > Diets >> Weight Loss Program-IHP >Program 'S' Special Offer (Program S) offers this unique opportunity for those who have been analyzed in the Normal weight category and for whom none of the Weight Reducing Programs have been recommended by our Experts.

Such persons may be continuously on the watch so as not to put on extra weight. Though it may only be intuitively, but these very people constantly try avoiding high calorie foods that often lead to complications in the form of deficiencies, localized weight gains etc. On the other hand there are a few of us with the least weight gain tendencies and an ideal metabolism but who start taking their figures / physiques for granted. Such people start eating whatever and whenever they feel like and in the process eventually end up not only with weight gain but also other health related problems like Diabetes, Heart diseases, Hypertension, Acidity etc.

Hence offers to educate each one of such individuals with the following:

  • General Counseling as per his/her individual details.

  • Worked out Calorie Requirements

  • Diet Plan with foods recommended for good health

  • Unhealthy foods

  • Healthy cooking tips

  • Valuable Tips to remain Healthy ...

Just in case you really give priority to your health and want a diet chart tailored for yourself (as per your individual requirements) along with all the above mentioned benefits and that too from the comfort of your home, then fill up our online Membership Form, with the Program S option checked

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