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Your Fat is in the Fire

Many half baked ideas on food are stomached without question by an unsuspecting public. Our Expert Dieticians at explodes some of these myths we all have grown up with.

There was a time when people looked upon Desi Ghee as a panacea for all the ills that the human flesh endures, from post natal debility to a faint heart to all types of trauma to constipation. But in recent years the myth has been exploded and desi ghee has taken a toss at the popularity polls. An excess of fat is now considered harmful.

It has been established that it is the fat in your diet that makes you fat. In other words " The Fat you Eat is the Fat you Wear". Worse, animal fat contains cholesterol and thus, is no friend of your heart. Dieticians go so far as to describe Fat as Sinful.

If fat has suffered a comedown, potatoes and rice have been exonerated. Traditionally they were believed to be fattening. But this was a myth, linked to the erroneous belief that all calories are equally fattening. They are not. It is the calories from fat that are chiefly responsible for weight gain, and potatoes and rice are almost entirely fat free. Instead they are rich in carbohydrates calories which are readily burnt as fuel to provide energy for our daily activities, as against the calories from fat which are easily converted into and stored as body fat. Potatoes and rice are therefore a valuable source of energy. If you eat potatoes with their skins on, you get the benefit of fibre too.

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