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Weight Reduction


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is the generalized accumulation of excess fat in your body. The carbohydrates and protein stores in the body are limited. Increased fatintake, on the other hand, doesn't stimulate fat oxidation; thus, long standing positive fat balance results in Obesity. Fat is overeaten because it is highly palatable and because it provides a high level of energy in a given volume of food.

You become overweight by eating more than you need, and the easiest foods in which to overindulge are fatty and sugary ones. Once you are overweight you only need to eat a very little extra - if any - to serve your excess weight 

Are you Overweight? If yes then do read On

Nobody wants to be fat or obese. A fat person not only looks older, he/she is also prone to diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, back ache, breathlessness, sexual problems, immobility, gall bladder diseases, osteoarthritis etc. A fat person is always the cynosure of all eyes. People look at him with suspicion and comment on his appearance, thus causing undue stress. A fat person is difficult to operate upon and takes longer to recuperate. Obesity leads to untold problems and shortens the life span. Consequently a fat person often finds himself depressed and worried.

It is important to remember that nothing is impossible if the will to succeed dominates. Success comes automatically and once success is tasted, it changes the entire lifestyle and makes you the role model for others. is the only one of its type which helps you in achieving success by making you aware about  the A B C's of diets, foods and nutrition. It gives you an overall perspective which helps you in reducing your weight permanently. This is unlike the temporary, short sighted and harmful methods adopted by the mushrooming Health clinics in achieving the same. 

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