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Safe way to lose weight

Ten Point Plan 

  • Cut down Fats, especially animal fats in the form of butter, margarine, dripping, fat on meat, whole milk, cheese, whole milk yoghurt, cream, and any foods made with these ingredients. Use vegetable oils and fats sparingly.
  • Eat fish or poultry instead of red meat. It is lower in calories.
  • Cut down added sugar. This means white, brown, and multicoloured sugar, and any foods made with sugar such as cakes, biscuits, many canned and bottled drinks, and sweetened cereals.
  • Cut down other refined carbohydrates including non whole grain breads; any food containing refined cereal flour; white rice; and alcohol. Also cut down processed foods. 
  • Eat high fibre food such as whole grain bread, cereal and pastas, brown rice, pulses (beans and peas), legumes, fruits and vegetables. Fibre helps fill you up, and levels out blood sugar swings
  • Use a good diet or workout your own based on approximately 20 calories per kg (9 calories per pound) of your target bodyweight per day. Make sure your diet is based on Nutritious food. If you cannot lose weight, You could be sensitive to one or more food. Cereal flour and dairy products are two common culprits.
  • If you go off your diet for a day do not give up. It is the long haul that counts. Be gentle and forgiving with yourself and go back to the diet as soon as you can.
  • If you overeat as a part of your comfort and reward system, think of a substitute. Some successful slimmers find it helps if they do something they really enjoy when they feel a craving to eat.
  • Aim at weight loss of no more than a week, especially if you have over three kgs to lose. Dramatic weight loss in the first week may be caused by fluid loss. Women often find that their weight fluctuates according to their menstrual cycle 
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