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' Health Is Wealth '
by Ranjani Ramesh,
B. Sc., Pg Dip. in clinical nutrition
Sri Ramachandra Medical College

Article date: June 2002

Health has become one of the most concern in today’s world. One of the main reason being overweight in upper economic group and malnutrition in lower economic group.

We have to think of our ancestors who didn’t suffer like us. What was their secret diet?

It was nothing but a balanced diet! Most of us don’t give the right attention to our diet. Avoiding fat alone is not the solution for healthy life. In fact fat is as important as the other nutrients. Our goal should be to bring a balance in our diet including all the nutrients in appropriate proportions.

Always remember “What we eat is what we are!”

Knowledge of nutrition is fundamental to a balanced diet.

Balance diet makes sure that our body gets all the essential nutrients and hence prevents deficiencies. It also ensures that none of the nutrient is taken in excess. As I stated earlier our ancestors were much healthier than us because, they included all the nutrients in their meal. Lets see how they included it.

A vegetarian lunch would have been like this:

Starter – a sweet.

Main meal – rice, sambar, rasam, curd, vegetables cooked, papad and pickle.

Desert – fruit.

Now In this lunch we find that all nutrients are covered and the proportion has to be modified as per our requirements which is defined by the type of work we do (sedentary / moderate / heavy ) and also it needs to be modified as per ones health condition for example diabetic, high blood pressure etc.

If we balance our diet as per our body needs we will be able to prevent the deceases caused by our food patterns efficiently.

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