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 'Is Your Diet Making you Fat ? '

 by Dr NIkki,
 Therapist / writer, Ph.D. 15 years writing
 Oct  2002

Health and Fitness for your Natural Size

Feel like a failure because you can’t stick to a diet? Do you put your life on hold till you lose weight? Want to get off the diet merry-go-round?

When ice cream calls you, turn to the “Body Talk” technique to quiet the voice. The “Food Meditation” teaches you to enjoy food when you’re hungry and forget about it when you’re not. Get the psychological edge to stop cravings permanently with “The Paradox.”.

Let your body find it's natural size. Make peace with not measuring up to models in magazines. Feel and look good. Finally find happiness and comfort in your own body! You’ll never have to diet again!. A truly enjoyable, easy read.
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