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 'Bringing up healthier kids! '


 by Gauri Kulkarni,
 B.E in Computer Sc., Sr. Technical Writer
 Dec  2002

I often wondered as a child as to why people made such a hue and cry over people being Fat and obese? Never did I know that one day I myself will be dealing with all the words like Calories, Fitness, Gym and Weight loss!

Sometimes I wonder why we blame ourselves? The entire humankind is made to think about food as something they associate with happiness!! In India or anywhere in the world, the issue of eating right, right from the young age is never encouraged! We have all wrong customs of eating sweets for all occasions, and sometimes when we are feeling depressed too! Whether it is offering Prasad to the god or making somebody happy, calling over for food, a sweet has to be made in the house for every occasion and eaten in abundance!

The problem is not of making sweets and eating them, but in expending those calories by exercising! All of us are very keen on eating sweets, ice creams, desserts but very reluctant and skeptical about exercising or walking our way to good health!.

I want all the mothers who want a “bright and light” future for their kids, to emphasize the importance of good health and right eating at the young age!

We should encourage the kids to eat more of Fruits than chocolates, more of Vegetables, Sprouts, Brown breads than those high calorie junk Fast foods and more & more Water, which will cleanse the system regularly than Pepsi or Cokes which chokes the system!!

I am sure, if we take care of the food intake and make proper food choices at the right age, there will be no need for gyms and diet counselors for the future generation!

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