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 'Fruit Power'
 by Pulkit Soni
 Registered Bodybuilder and athlete
 Jan  2003
  1. If you use energy drinks, opt for one that has maltodextrin, a slightly more sophisticated sugar based on the glucose molecule.

  2. Before a workout, if you have no alternative source of energy, pick fruits whose glucose levels are higher than their fructose levels (see chart to the right).

  3. Stress plays a significant role in how your body processes fructose. If your workouts ask too much from your body, and if you are already overstressed in general—by your work, your personal life, etc.—your body responds by releasing cortisol. If at this point you pump yourself silly with fructose, cortisol level may vault even higher, which leads to catabolism.

  4. Do not ignore the benefit of fruits in your overall diet. Fruits are a potent source of various phytochemicals and antioxidants that help scavenge the free radicals that result from the training.

  5. To maximize the energy demands of intense physical activity, keep your glycogen stores filled up. Meaning, consistently eat a balanced diet rich in complex carbohydrates, especially during the 24 yours before your activity. (That’s why many triathlon competitions offer a “carbo-loading night” prior to a major competition.)

  6. Finally, fruits will not kill your performance, though well-chosen fruits may enhance it. Regardless, fruits can be excellent sources of fluid, so don’t be afraid to use them for hydration, particularly lower-fructose types like watermelon.

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