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 Limited TIme Offer (Act now, before your area gets represented):
Become our
Authorised Consultant in your City / Country and immediately start getting clients & queries seeking consultation against payment basis., a revolutionary Health, Nutrition and Fitness site gives information, advice and specialized value services covering  health, nutrition, dietetics, food, beauty, weight loss, low calorie recipes, exercises, myths, and much more.

In our endeavour to promote and spread the knowledge and practice of Dietetics and Nutrition, so as to provide  the right to healthier and longer living to each and every individual, we have launched our presence covering every nook and corner of India and eventually onto a Global level. To know more please go through our FAQ's

  FAQ's  about being our Authorised Consultant in your Area

FAQ's about being our Authorised Consultant in your Area
How does it work ?
It is humanely impossible to provide services to millions of people who are not wired to the internet or who are geographically located at places where it is difficult and uneconomical for our staff to provide efficient services. Indiadiets therefore has this facility of appointing its Authorised Consultants who shall be available for consultations within easy reach of their clients.

Benefits of being an Authorised Consultant ?

A few of the many benefits of being an Authorised Consultant are:

  • You get a 02 page website against your very own name.
  • One page shall provide a write up about your qualifications, your specializations, your contact address and things you would like to highlight about yourself.
  • The other page shall contain a form that can be filled online and mailed to you by your clients.
  • Your own snap of your choice shall be screened by us and pasted onto your first introductory page
  • Free web hosting space with your own URL for the above pages. If for example your name is Shivani then your website URL shall be: OR  (based on your choice)
  • Text links and other promotional means shall be provided on pages of so as to drive traffic to your URL.
  • The 02 page website URL can be promoted by you independently so as to attract clients and give popularity to yourself in your area.
  • You can also specify your charges / rates that you would like your clients to note, in consultation with Indiadiets
  • Webmaster facilities are provided to you to maintain your pages online at all times, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • You can link up to your online website for popularizing yourself and your practice amongst your friends, relatives, neighbors and the world at large.
  • You get a free email facility with 5 MB space wherein you can correspond with your clients to fix consultation hours etc. Example of your Email is: 

    (if your name is Shivani otherwise accordingly )

What do I pay
for all the above Services / benefits of being a Consultant?
During this Limited time offer , you pay the following yearly lumpsum subsidized charges for all the above facilities and services:

Yearly Authorized Consultant Royalty fees  INR 3000  US $ 65
Yearly page hosting charges  INR 2000  US $ 45

Annual Charges = 

 INR 5000 /- only  US $ 110
One time Registration Charges  INR 2000  US $ 45

TOTAL Charges (for 1st year) = 

 INR 7000 /- only  US $ 155

Payment Method:
Once the payment is received, our representative shall get in touch with you so as to fix the material (write up about yourself, snap etc.) for designing your personal web pages and putting up your online presence.

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