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Flatulence is a common abdominal discomfort due to the presence of air or gas in the stomach or intestines associated with motility disorder of the intestinal tract. Gas can be expelled from the intestinal tract either as belching from the stomach or as flatus from the rectum.

Air is swallowed with food, while gas is formed by fermentation of the food in the stomach. Air swallowing is due to faulty eating habits. The fermentation of food in the stomach and intestine occurs when the diet contains large amount of fiber and also due to infestation and infections.

Food should not include high amounts of fibrous vegetables, pulses, legumes, etc.
Overeating should be avoided.
Foods rich in non-available carbohydrates should be restricted.
Excessive consumption of spices and condiments should be avoided.
Fried or fatty foods should be avoided as they stay longer in the stomach leading to fermentation.

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