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Hyperlipidemia is blood status when one or several of lipids in blood (serum) are higher than normal level.


Hyperlipidemia Types:

  • Hypercholesterolemia (high level of cholesterol in blood)

  • Hyperlipidemia grade triglycerides (high level of triglyceride in blood)

  • Mixed hyperlipidemia (both high level of cholesterol & high level of triglyceride)

  • Low high-density lipoprotein hyperlipidemia (high level of LDL-lipoprotein in blood)

  • Primary hyperlipidemia is due to genetic lipid metabolism disorder, environmental factors, dietary factors, smoking or alcohol abuse.

  • Secondary hyperlipidemia is due to poor control of diabetes, hypothyroidism, drinking, obesity, dialysis, biliary obstruction or some drugs.
Hyperlipidemia may lead to Obesity, Heart Diseases, Hypertension, Diabetes, Gallstone formation & Pancreatitis, aggravate Hepatitis  and even cause Cancer.

Lifestyle Modification to prevent HYPERLIPIDEMIA

  • Regular medical examination particularly of lipid profile and cholesterol levels.
  • Dietary modifications.
  • Regular physical activity and exercise.
  • Avoiding smoking and drinking.
  • Constant prevention or control of other lifestyle related health problems or keep a check if already present like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc.
Dietary Management of HYPERLIPIDEMIA
  • Limit the use of fat to and high cholesterol foods. Avoid consumption of organ meats, red meat and saturated animal fat.

  • Limit the intake of refined sugars and simple carbohydrates.

  • Limit the intake of salt and processed food.

  • Include whole grains, pulses and legumes, fruits and vegetables, and low-fat milk and milk products in the diet.

  • Diet must provide adequate quantities of fiber and fluid.

  • Quit smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages as it adds to empty calorie content of the diet without adding any beneficial nutrients.

  • Keep diet balance, right proportion per meal, eat less at dinner.

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