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Malabsorption Syndrome
The term malabsorption syndrome is used for conditions in which a number of constituents in the diet are not digested and absorbed.

One such condition is celiac disease which is caused by sensitivity to wheat gluten. Another condition known is idiopathic steatorrhea where fat is not absorbed properly and is excreted with stools.

Consequently such conditions lead to diarrhea, abdominal distension, loss of weight, anemia and deficiency disorders.

Diet should include nutrients in their simpler forms so that they may be easily digested and assimilated.

Food causing allergic response and intolerance should be identified as early as possible and immediately removed from the diet.

Food should contain considerable amounts of vitamins and minerals so as to make up for the deficiencies and to replenish body stores.

Food should be bland and soft in consistency with less fibre content.

Adequate calories should be provided to maintain proper body weight.

Nutritional supplements should be provided if the losses are great and diet is not enough to furnish the required dietary allowances.

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