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Fats and Oils

Fats and its compounds are known as lipids. Liquids are called oils and solids are fats. A gram of fat contains 9 calories.

Uses of Fat
  • Visible fats:
    • provides a source of stored energy
    • gives shapes to body
    • cushions the skin
    • acts as an insulation blanket that reduces heat loss
  • Invisible fat: This hidden fat,
    • is part of every cell membrane
    • is a component of myelin ,
    • is a shock absorber that protects the organs
    • is a constituent of hormones and other biochemicals
Risk factor- Heart attack

Saturated and Unsaturated fatty acids

Saturated fat: are solid at room temperature and get harder when chilled.
Monounsaturated fat: are liquid at room temperature and thicker when chilled.
Polyunsaturated fat: are liquid at room temperature and stay liquid when chilled.

  Types of cholesterol
  • LDL(bad cholesterol)
    • protectors against atherosclorsis.It is main carrier of cholesterol
  • HDL
    • it rescues LDL pieces and brings them back to the liver
  • VLDL
    • It is main carrier of triglycerides
    • It is less harmful than LDL
    • It carries fat to the other parts of the body.

Foods high in fat

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