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Cooking Tips to Retain Nutrients in Food
To retain vitamins in your food:

Vitamin A Avoid cooking at high temperatures - this destroys some of the vitamins by oxidation

B Vitamins Avoid washing, soaking, or boiling, as B vitamins are water soluble and easily lost. Even brief boiling destroys up to a third of vitamin B12 and half the folic acid. 

Vitamin C This vitamin is water soluble and heat sensitive. To reduce losses:

  • Use as little water as possible
  • Add food to rapidly boiling water
  • Cover the pan
  • Do not add sodium bicarbonate
  • Avoid using copper pans
  • Use cooking water for soups, sauces, and gravies
  • Serve and eat promptly

Vitamin E Avoid frying or baking as up to 50 % is lost

Proteins Avoid overheating as this destroys some amino acids

Fats Heating fats to high temperatures destroys essential fatty acids and can make them indigestible, and even possibly cancer inducing.

Avoid reusing fat; frequent deep-frying; and frying for long periods

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