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Soyabean/Edamame  is cheap to grow and yet is rich in calories, proteins and fats

In 1999, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made it official: Food manufacturers have the green light to trumpet the cholesterol-lowering benefits of soy on their labels. Eating 25 grams of soy protein a day -- the equivalent of a cup of soy milk with breakfast and an energy bar laced with soybeans for a snack -- has been shown to lower total cholesterol an average of 9%, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That much soy is also enough to reduce the most dangerous form of cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, by an impressive 13%. Daily servings of soy may also help strengthen bone, ward off the side effects of menopause in women, and lower the odds of prostate cancer in men -- though these benefits are less certain than the good news about heart disease, according to Greg Burke, a leading soy researcher at Wake Forest University. Thanks to the FDA's seal of approval, more and more foods containing soy are appearing on grocery store shelves. Still the best bet, says Burke, is eating whole soy foods like edamame (boiled fresh or frozen soybeans), tofu, or soy milk.Composition

Soyabean contains 19.5% fat, 21% carbohydrates and provides 432 kcal per 100 gms

Proteins Soyabean contains 43% protein, which is higher than in any other protein rich foods, including meat and fish which contains 20%. The proteins of soyabean yields all essential amino acids in adequate amounts, except methionine and cystine. Soyabean is rich in lysine and can be used to supplement a staple rice diet.

Soyabean Milk  The starch content of soya milk is quite negligible, and saccharides are low, making it suitable for diabetic patients.

Composition of soya bean milk

Constituent Total solids Protein Fat Carbohydrate Salts
Content 10.15 4.2 3.4 1.8 .75

The vitamin content of soya milk is similar to that of cow's milk

Vitamin Vitamin A (µgms) Thiamine
Nicotinic Acid (mg) Ascorbic acid (mg)
Soya milk  (per litre) 225 0.82 1.1 2.49 21.6
Cow's milk (per litre) 315 0.43 1.32 1.16 17.8
For babies, soyamilk requires to be supplemented with animal milk, minerals and vitamins. Soya milk can be substituted in patients with allergy to milk protein.

Breast cancer can occur because of excess of hormone estrogen, that is why soyabean (nutrinuggets, tofu) which lowers estrogen levels is good for you.

As per a study patients with type II hypercholesterolemia who were already on low lipids and low cholesterol diet, 8 week substitution of animal protein by soyabean protein reduces plasms cholesterol by 24%
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