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Eat 2 Be Sexy
Here are the real foods that feed your libido and fine tune your performance in  bed.

Ever since sex began, men have been looking for that something that can make them studs. They've fed off the whale's unmentionables, ground the rhino and it's horn almost into extinction, and even gobbled sea slugs to boost their potency. The search still continues, with each era coming up with it's own Viagra for the ultimate aphrodisiac that will keep them going on and on. And the more exotic it is, the more erotic they think it will be.

Many foods can help boost your sex life by improving the look, feel and texture of your skin, boosting energy and inducing feelings of well-being. Take for example Zinc, the intake of which in right amounts can restore a flagging sex life. Not only does it help in increasing fertility, heightening the senses of taste and smell, and increasing a manís sperm count, this 'sexy mineral' plays a part in the healing processes of the body as well.

Sex therapists therefore say that men need not look further than their food larder. The answer to better, high voltage sex is right there if you only know where to look for it.

Dont's: Now before you rush off to raid the larder, there are a few dont's you would do well to heed. Stay away from cholesterol raisers like fatty red meat, fried foods, and saturated fats. They could clog your arteries in your penis and make it difficult to achieve a good erection. Also stay cool and relaxed. Stress does more than dampen your desire. It inhibits the production of serotonin which affects your sperm counts and ejaculations. So put aside your worries, set the table for a sexy meal and let your hormones take over

The Androsterone Attraction
Androsterone is a potent male  hormone that really turns on the gentler sex. It is released through perspiration, and even though the women cant smell it, they find themselves inexplicably attracted to the man whose androsterone levels are jumping high. 

Passion Store: Eat lots of Celery and .............

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