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Like a breath of fresh AIR improves your mood, the three key elements for improving your sexual performance are as simple and as effective as the A.I.R. 




   Avoid spectatoring:
Remember that you are not a spectator of an act, you are the act itself, and you are the participant. You are not there to critically analyze it and constantly to measure your efficiency. You are there to ĎLet Goí and enjoy.

Enjoy the interaction and donít aim or worry about the performance. Enjoy caressing, touching your partner (anywhere on the body). Itís nice to touch and feel close to your partner. 

Break the cycle of watching / worrying / and further reducing the response. 

   Improve communication 
Communication is a vital part of having Good Sex. Remember "Sex is as much between the Ears, as it is, between the Legs". Good communication with your partner can make the difference between having Sex Ďfor the sake of ití and having Ďa really good timeí.

Communicate verbally/non-verbally. Tell your partner where else do you want, to be touched-how much and for how long. Tell him/her when itís pleasurable and also when it hurts. Relax pleasantly and enjoy this without worrying about the ultimate. Enjoy in different positions, sometimes-female superior positions can be an easy position.

   Remove Misunderstanding 
A misunderstanding between the partners can really affect the sexual relationship badly. The clearer both are about each other and Sex the better it is. A feeling that something important needs to be sorted out before going further should not be overlooked. 

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