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Ujjayi or (Psychic Breath)
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Ujjayi or (Psychic Breath)
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The word Ujjayi means victorious in Sanskrit, it is difficult to see why this pranayama is called victorious's breath. May be practice of Ujjayi results in high energy state of mind. But this is also called psychic breath. So this pranayama can be very effectively used in therapy. Especially psychosomatic diseases and stress related ailments can be effectively treated with Ujjayi breath.

The purpose of the Ujjayi breathing is to increase the psychic sensitivity, it also helps bring down blood pressure & heart beats. Also it makes the mind calm and peaceful by removing the stress. It has a calming effect on entire nervous system, especially it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. If you are stressed then 10 minutes of Ujjayi breath can reenergise you. So this pranayama is very effective for relaxation of body and mind.

Practice - Note (Practice of Ujjayi breathing should be done with a Yoga Expert Only)

1. Beginners can start with deep breathing practice in sitting position (Padmasana - Lotus, Swastikasana- Auspicious, Vajrasana - Thunderbolt, Any Cross legged position in which the body can be relaxed and spine is erect.)

2. Then start creating hissing sound with breathe, this sound is NOT produced in vocal chords but produced by contraction of throat or epiglottis. Or you may contract the throat and make frictional sound.

3. Initially 4 seconds inhale through both nostrils while creating Ujjayi sound and exhale for 6 seconds through both nostrils creating sound, this can be practiced for about 5 minutes.

4. With practice one can increase the counts to 4:8, or 5:10 or 6:12 seconds
5. This Ujjayi sound can also be created while doing Asanas. This helps release the stresses faster and makes the mind focused easily.

Precautions -
If you have Low Blood pressure then this pranayama can bring it further down. So you must be careful.
You may feel little warm or tingling sensation in the throat due to friction but this is normal.
Under No circumstances the proportion of the breathing should be forced.
If you feel dizzy then please stop the practice and continue normal breathing.


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