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Top Foods Rich in Antioxidants for Healthy Aging

Foods Rich in antioxidants
Foods Rich in AntiOxidants (List compiled by Indiadiets)

Aging in an inevitable process. Although markets are full of meticulous cosmetic brands that are anti-aging but still aging proceeds. It’s a natural process which can not be stopped by using different cosmetics. As it is unstoppable so HELATHY AGING would be a better plan rather than anti-aging cosmetic brands.

Healthy aging can be best proceeded by adding ANTIOXIDANTS in your daily diet. Antioxidants are the substances that fight the Free Radicals which are by-products of metabolic reactions. They are oxygen containing molecules which quickly react with healthy cells and destroy them. They can even form the chain of oxidative reactions which are harmful to the body and cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can speed up your aging process. Free radicals become more active in elderly people and can cause severe oxidative stress. Antioxidants bind with free radicals and keep the body healthy. They reverse the effect of free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and inhibit the inflammatory processes.

Foods That Work As Natural AntiOxidants:

Although it is possible to take supplements of antioxidants to fight free radicals but natural antioxidants work best. Here is the list of foods compiled by Indiadiets that are rich in antioxidants.


Walnuts are the healthiest food to be added in your daily diet. They are fully packed with vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts can regulate your weight as they are lower in calories. Walnuts have major effects on motor compatibility of brain. They can enhance your thinking skills, walking, vision and all other cognitive functions. Inflammatory processes can increase in older age which can cause a sudden change in your normal functions. Adding walnuts in your diet can lowers the inflammation and improve your normal functions.

5Green leafy vegetables

Green vegetables are rich with vitamin K content which is directly associated with the normal brain functions. Vitamin K can surely slows down the cognitive destruction and enhance your memory. Memory has a direct relation with aging process. But including green leafy vegetables specially spinach, kale, collard in your diet can protect your body from memory dysfunction and keeps you young and healthy. Moreover, green leafy vegetables are also rich in fiber but low in calories. Adding these vegetables in your diet has many benefits. These vegetables can maintain your weight, regulate your memory and provide you essential vitamins and minerals.

4Red Pepper

Red peppers are packed with VITAMIN C, VITAMIN A, and ANTIOXIDANTS. Vitamin C can make your skin smooth and young. Adding red peppers to your diet can surely decrease the aging process as they can gloom your skin. This can also lead to the healthy skin with less freckles and wrinkles. Vitamin A can promote your visual powers even in older age. Antioxidants in red peppers prevent the body from oxidative stress and motor dysfunctions. So you can say adding red peppers in your diet can make you look younger and enhance your metabolic processes.


Fish is rich in OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 fatty acids that are the major parts of brain. Fish can help in controlling the motor functions of brain and promote normal aging process. Recent studies show that people who eat fish twice a week can live a healthier life with better cognitive health and motor functions. More studies show that people who eat fish are less likely to die with cardiovascular diseases because eating fish can regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. All in all fish is necessary for a longer as well as healthier life.


Cocoa powder is all known for its distinctive taste and flavor. People may have shift to green tea because of its antioxidant content but cocoa is highly rich in antioxidants and greatly protects the body from oxidative stress. Cocoa has the highest content of POLYPHENOLS which is powerful antioxidant and has a number of health benefits. It can lower your blood pressure and keeps it within healthy limits. It can regulate your cholesterol levels and prevent many heart diseases. Cocoa also has anti-inflammatory effects and can lessen the oxidative stress. All these characteristics of cocoa make it beneficial to promote healthy aging.

1Blue Berries

Blue berries are called as “little brain enhancer”. Blue berries are on the top of the list to provide you natural antioxidants. Blue berries are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and most importantly ANTIOXIDANTS. They are called the king of berries that provide antioxidants. They magnificiently reduce the oxidative stress and lessen the inflammation. They protect the brain from cognitive damage and enhance the motor functions of brain.
One of the best antioxidant which is present in blue berries is ANTHOCYANIN which belong to the class flavonoids. Blue berries have the highest count of antioxidants among most fruits. Blue berries counteract the free radicals that damage DNA and inhibit the aging process. Blue berries can also control your BAD cholesterol levels and keep your body healthy and prevent heart diseases.



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