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How to Prevent Arthritis in 10 Different Ways


Before dwelling into “How to Prevent Arthritis”, lets first understand “What Arthritis Is”? The inflammation of joints which result in swelling of joints. Arthritis causes the stiffness of soft cushion which is present between joints and allow movements. When the cartilage between joints stiffens, the joints tear away and bones get damaged. This can cause severe pain in joints and joints become cranky.

Arthritis has become one of the most deadly disease in this modern world. It is more common in women than men as Estrogen level in women fall with aging. There are several types of arthritis that are most common like OSTEOARTHRITIS and RHEUMATOID arthritis.

Osteoarthritis: In this type the Cartilage that covers the bones wears away and joints become difficult to move.

Rheumatoid arthritis: It is autoimmune disorder, wherein the immune system attacks the joints and destroys them.

Complete healing of joints after injury is very difficult. Preventing arthritis is only way to save yourself from arthritis. There are several ways to prevent arthritis.

Here are some of the top ways to prevent arthritis: 

Doing some light EXERCISE:

Cycling - Prevent Arthritis

The best way to prevent arthritis is doing some light exercise. Running and vigorous exercise can put a lot of stress on joints. Cycling or biking is most impactful exercise to prevent arthritis. Exercise not only reduce stress from muscles but also strengthen the muscle that covers the joints. This makes joints capable of bearing weight and stress.

Maintaining Healthy Weight

Excess weight is the most prevailing risk factor of arthritis. Excess weight put on excess stress on joints that result in wear and tear of joints. Obese people are more prone to have arthritis because their weight bearing joints are under a lot of stress. Maintaining healthy is the key factor to prevent arthritis. Healthy weight lowers the workload on joints and make them healthy.

Avoid wearing HIGH HEELS:

The trend of wearing high heels in getting higher and higher. Human foot is designed to be on flat shoes rather than on high heels. High heels put more pressure on joints and make them work more. Wearing high heels casually will be okay but wearing them frequently will make your joint more susceptible to joints injury.

“If you switch to joint friendly shoes, your body will be thankful”


Healthy diet including nuts, fish, fruits and vegetables which are rich with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants prevent free radicals to destroy the body. Vitamins and minerals provide vital nutrients to body. Diet rich with omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and bring down the chances of arthritis. Furthermore, include foods to diet that boost up your immune system. Drinking milk will raise the calcium levels of body and strengthen the body.


Injury is first in line in the risk factor of arthritis. Joint injury increase the chances of arthritis. Avoiding injury is the best way to prevent arthritis.

“Avoiding injuries helps in reducing the risk of developing arthritis”

Joint injury may affect the muscles or ligaments or any other structure will cause the tearing of joints which in turn may develop arthritis.


“Calcium is the strength of bones”

Calcium is the key nutrient for bones. DRI for calcium is 1000IU per day. Calcium deposition enhances the bone structure and enables them to handle stress. Vitamin D is require for the normal absorption of calcium into the bones. Vitamin D deficiency can led to decline in calcium level. Vitamin D and calcium make bones able to hold excess stress for a time being.

“Patients with normal levels of vitamin D and calcium levels are less prone to arthritis”


Want to prevent arthritis, drink plenty of water!

The cushion between joints is mostly made up of water. When people become dehydrated or loss a large amount of water, the water in cushion in get leaked out of it making joint vulnerable to injury. The cartilage becomes dried out and tear away the joints.


If you really wants to prevent arthritis, immediately see your doctor even after minor injury. If you notice any sigh and symptoms of arthritis, see your doctor. Describe briefly your issues and start working on his advice. It is not bad to start eating calcium and vitamin D supplements with your doctor’s advice. Doctors always give you right opinion.



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