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Reiki – Simplest & Most Popular Alternative Therapy To Get Control Of Your Life

Reiki - Alternative Healing (Representative Image, Photo credits: Mikhail Nailov)

Reiki, one of the simplest and most popular alternative therapy methods – doesn’t require much sweat and pain to practice. It makes you feel so much more in control of your life. Like any other therapy, it’s a way of life. 

“Almost everything that I’ve ever worried about has never happened ..”

Reiki – The Most Popular Alternative Therapy

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning–‘universal life energy force’. An energy force infused within every living and non-living being. According to Reiki, it is this energy, when properly channeled through our chakras, is responsible makes us fat, rich or happy. Reiki rejuvenates our chakras and cures us of any physical, emotional or psychological ailments. Like most alternative therapies, Reiki too concentrates on the emotional aspect of a physical problem.

A chronic shoulder and an upper back pain could act as a cue for the therapist to deduce you’re taking on far more than you should. Reiki helps you focus on problems and above all it believes in the power of positive thinking. 

The Technique

You have to enroll yourself for a basic Reiki-I course. Reiki India Research Center doesn’t advertise its courses, so you’ll have to wait for the word to reach you. It’s an energy thing they believe in–a premise that the call will reach you when you’re ready for it.

Reiki-Most Popular Alternative Healing
Reiki – Alternative Healing (Representative Image, Photo Credits: Pixabay under CC0 Lic)

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You are supposed to practice Reiki for about an hour everyday. After a second degree you can practice distance healing too, an art where you don’t need the physical presence of the patient and can cure him just from anywhere. After the first initiation into Reiki, you will have to practice it regularly at least for 21 days, before you can go for Reiki-II. This is supposed to be a self-cleansing process where you can either throw up for a few days or get severe headache, fever on your way to a better health. Once the cleansing phase is over, you feel okay and better.

Watch out

You’re strongly advised not to simply get hooked by any therapists advertising in the newspapers. One should rather search and get in touch with therapists enrolled with authorized government institutions and Reiki Research Centers. In India the Reiki India Research Center is the one to get in touch with for genuine advice and recommenations.  



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