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Top 10 Summer Sports To Choose From To Burn Your Calories Fast

Kayaking - Burn Your Calories Fast with 10 Summer Sports
Top 10 Summer Sports To Burn Your Calories Fast (Photo credits: Isai Ramos)

You can burn your calories and get into shape at any time of the year. However Summers are considered the best season to kick start your journey of torching some extra calories.

You may need to run more miles and do tedious efforts to cut down the same number of calories in other seasons. While in summers, you can shed a greater number of pounds by playing the same sports or running the same distance with minimal efforts. So, take this upcoming summer season as an opportunity to burn some serious calories and the good news is, you can excitingly do this. Yes, you can burn your calories fast and quick by participating in healthy summer sports that are extremely rewarding and beneficial.

Here is a list that we compiled, of the Top 10 Summer Sports that will help you burn calories fast and get you in the best of shape. Have a look and try your best to participate and adopt them as your hobby. This list comprises of some of the most common and easy games. The intensity of these we somehow overlooked all these years. You can select few of your favourites depending on your choice, stamina and surroundings. Let’s begin in reverse order with Number 10!


Running (Photo credits: Jenney Hill)

All you need is a pair of sports shoes and a little bit of motivation for this easiest summer sport Running. This sport is for people of all ages.You can participate in marathons to make this game even more interesting. Running some miles each day can do wonders for your physical and mental health and you can shave off significant calories in no time. According to research, you can burn 700+ calories by approximately 1 hour of running.To start the beautiful days of your summer, consider this easiest and diverting activity.


Cycling (Photo credits:Paul Green)

Cycling is regarded as one of the best cardiovascular workouts. It is roughly estimated that riding a bike for an hour can burn +500 calories. Besides this, cycling yield the following benefits that are backed by scientific observations.

  • There will be a boost in your brainpower.
  • You will get deep and good sleep.
  • General physical and mental relaxation.
  • You will get into the best shape faster.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Chances ofearlier fatigue declines.


Swimming – Summer Sport (Photo by:Serena RepiceLentini)

In addition to burning calories, Swimming will maintain your healthy body weight, enhance lung capacity and builds muscles. This sport is perfect for all ages and can be done at any time of year. You can enjoy your swimming in outdoor as well as indoor pools depending upon your choice. Swimming is the best form of aerobic exercise and for 1 hour of swimming, you will burn approx. +850 calories. So just give it a try in the upcoming summer!


Tennis – (Photo credits: Renith R)

Tennis is known to be the most favourite sport of people of all agesand has enormous popularity worldwide. You will be surprised by the fact that a single game of tennis having a duration of 45 minutes will burn almost 600 calories. Besides this, Tennis will strengthen your musculoskeletal system, improves your ROM, maintain your agility and you will stay active for a longer time.

6Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball (Photo credits: Jarritos)

Volleyball is essentially for those who love intense cardio and aerobic activities. This vigorous sport can burn your calories in no time and strengthen your arms and upper body and increase the flexibility of your whole body muscles. Thus, must play this exciting sport at least on your weekends to get the best outcomes quickly.


Basketball – Sport (Photo credits: Nick Jio)

Basketball is another ball game with abundant benefits. Basketball will not only help you to lose weight but will also strengthen your cardiovascular, respiratory and muscle-skeleton systems. Based on a study, an hour of this sport will burn +700 calories in addition to other benefits. In short, Basketball is one of the best sport that will torch your calories quickly therefore, you should avail this opportunity in coming summer.


Man Playing Golf (Representative Image, Photo credits: Courtney Cook)

Golf appears to be a premium sport specifically adopted by those who love to do some light, calm activities in a peaceful environment. This game is popular among older people but is still enjoyed by all age groups equally. This sport is the best aerobic activity and interestingly, while playing this, you will lose noticeable calories. Golf can strengthen your arms and will improve your focus, leaving you with mental satisfaction. This game is also recommended by health experts to the people who suffered from Diabetes, Dementia, Certain cancers, Depression and Anxiety disorders due to its soothing effects.


Popular Sport – Soccer (Photo credits: Wesley Tingey)

Soccer or Football is the most played sport and is known all over the world due to its immense popularity. Soccer matches are viewed by billions of people around the globe. You should consider playing soccer in the coming summer seasonto get maximum health benefits. This game will not only cut down your extra calories but strengthen your whole body. Soccer comprises extreme cardio and aerobic activities therefore, this is an outstanding summer sport you should follow.


Kayaking (Photo credits: Isai Ramos)

If the above list doesn’t excite you or you are looking for some venturesome sport to get you excited then Kayaking is for you! Paddling a kayak is an exciting workout that will torch your serious calories. It is excellent cardio that will help you to get your desired physique as well as build up for muscles. According to a study, kayaking for 50 minutes will burn 300 calories.


Hiking and Mountaineering as a Sport (Photo by:DDP)

Hiking is another adventure-packed activityand is often regarded as the best sport of the summer season to lose weight. Going on a long walk on uneven terrain will burn more calories than walking on an ordinary sidewalk. And trekking on an uneven path surrounded by nature is another perk of hiking that will simultaneously boost your mood and lower your stress level.
Hiking is an aerobic exercise that will burn +300 calories in 30 minutes.

The Bottom Line.

Sports inspire us to improve and they promote creativity, excitement and competition. Besides, sports have innumerable gains, both physically and mentally. Above is a collection of some summer sports that will help you to cut down your extra, bothering calories and will open your door to a perfect body and optimum health. Read this list carefully and select those that excite you.



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