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9 Things You Need to Know About Muscle Soreness

All About Muscle Soreness

About Muscles soreness

Muscle soreness is a condition which occurs when you push your muscles beyond your limits during exercise. It is also a blessing in disguise as it indicates that you are experiencing your new limits and your muscles are getting stronger. Exercise is the best way to build muscle mass. Muscle soreness is an indicator that you are building new muscle mass.
Following are the things that you must know about muscle soreness.

1Types of muscle soreness

Muscle soreness is of two types and you can experience both.

• Acute muscle soreness or AOMS that you experience immediately after working out.

• Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS that you may felt after 24 hours of exercise.

2How does it occur?

During exercise your muscles require a lot of oxygen. Your muscles start doing both aerobic and anaerobic oxidation. As a result of anaerobic oxidation lactic acid is produced in the your muscles which start accumulating and your muscles become stiff and stiff depending on the duration and intensity of exercise. Moreover, some researches show that when you exercise muscles get stretched and you start experiencing muscle soreness.

3How much soreness is good?

Muscle soreness is actually the stiffness of muscles you feel after exercise. But If are unable to do your daily chores that means you have push yourself beyond your muscle’s limit. Your muscles are worn out. If you feel stressed out you should skip exercise for one to two days until your muscles become ready for workouts. If the soreness proceeds three days then it would be better to see your doctor as a precautionary measure.

4When will you start experiencing soreness?

Muscle soreness usually occurs when you start working out. It starts occurring in 24 to 72 hours and you feeling pain and stiffness in muscles. DOMS occur when you push your muscles beyond their normal range or try to do something more challenging. It not wrong to try something extra challenging but do not over exerts your body.

5Difference between an injury and soreness

Muscle soreness means stiffness or stretching of muscles. Soreness occurs 1 to 2 days after exercise but you will feel pain right away if you injured yourself during exercise. Injury results in pain and you cannot do even little more exercise after getting an injury. But in case of soreness of muscles sitting idle or skipping exercise will cause more soreness.

6Eating anti inflammatory food

Some researches show that muscle soreness causes a slight inflammation in muscles. When tiny muscle fibers get stretched, inflammation occurs. Slight inflammation is not harmful at all. Actually it is the result of doing hard exercise. Eating anti-inflammatory foods will help you heal your muscle soreness more quickly. Anti-inflammatory foods include:

• Ginger
• Garlic
• Turmeric
• Soup

7Adding antioxidants in your daily diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich with antioxidants. Antioxidants have some healing capacity which can heal your stiff muscles. Having antioxidants in your daily diet relaxes your muscles.



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