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Top 5 Wonderful Apps for Counting Calories

Best Apps for Counting Calories
Best Apps For Counting Calories (Representational Image, Photo credits: Andrea Piacquadio)

Keeping a count of your calories is best way to control your weight. Track your calorie intake as they are the key to regulate your weight. Calorie counting apps are the best to log your food. The small acts of tracking your food helps you consider your weight regulations.
Indiadiets carried out a thorough survey to assess the efficacy, usefulness and user friendliness of these calorie counting apps. A list is hereby released for the benefit of our viewers listing down the top most 5 Apps for counting calories:

5My Net Diary

Though at the 5 position in the list of Apps for Counting Calories, My Net Diary is by no mean lagging in any aspects. Most apps can count only calorie intake. If you want to know more about your caloric intake including nutrient intake you should turn to My Net Diary. You can also have access to keto and macros diets. But these diets do not support healthy weight loss.

In this app you set your goal like how much weight you want to lose, how many calories you want to burn, carbohydrates, proteins and fat intake and in how many days you want to get your desired weight. This app gives you a wide range of knowledge about your weight loss, calorie intake and macronutrients intake.

4Fit bit

Fit bit is another app for calculating calorie intake. Like other apps it also has unique features. It regulates your activity step by step and your progress. It can input food both manually and or by barcode scanner.

It tells you how your body can regulate your weight. How your body burns carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It enables you to understand it quite easily. It also tells you how your daily calorie intake affects your health.

This app is beneficial as it also tells you your heart rate and sleep cycle. You can freely use app with your mobile phones or any other device.

3Lose it

Lose it! is another app for counting your calories especially for weight loss. It gives you a personal recommendation based on your preferences and your age, height and weight. Keeping a track of your food is really simple. It also has a barcode scanner for the quick entry of food and determining the calories.

One of its unique features is; it provides different challenges to check your stamina. It has complete set of database of processed foods, grocery items and snacks meals. This feature makes it easier to use and keep the track of your snack meals. With $39.99 a year you can have premium account and get access to more features.

It has excellent features but it does not count micronutrients and it is difficult to count calories if home cooked food.

2Fat Secret

Fat secret is a free app which can count your calories. Its unique features include custom recipes, food tracker, nutrition database and weight chart. Furthermore, a barcode scanner for keeping the track of processed food. Fat secret shows how many calories are consumed and how many have burned in each day.

One of its features tracks your monthly progress. Fat secret gives you the monthly summary of your calorie intake and calories that are burned. It makes easy for the person to keep his monthly record.
It is easy to use. It has a feature that enables you to chat with other people who are using this app and you can easily communicate with others and can give your reviews. You can also share recipes and your progress with others.


Myfitnesspal is best calorie counter app. It is known for its best features. One of its unique feature is it keeps the track of at least 11 million foods which helps you a lot to log your calories count. Nutritionist calls this app as one of the best fitness and diet tracker. It also provides you recipes that you can download.

It tells you how many calories you should take in your daily diet. It also tells how many calories a certain food would provide. When you enter all your activities in this app it tells you how many calories you have eaten in a day and how many calories you have burned.
This app also keeps a track of your previous foods. Myfitnesspal also have a barcode for scanning food items and it tells you all the information related to food label. Additionally, you can easily give your feedback about your daily meals. You can have its premium account for $49.99 a year and can enjoy more features.



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