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This article ‘Seven Diet Myths You Must Stop Believing In‘ is a direct sequel from one of my works on Youtube’s Diet and Nutrition Channel. The text in quotes is what I spoke and advised in the video busting many a myths, for the benefit of one and all.

“Hello everyone, today we are going to delve upon the 7 diet myths that you need to stop believing in. You must have seen a lot of misleading information on social media regarding Diet, Nutrition, Fitness, etc. People who are not much aware about diet and nutrition, just blindly follow those instructions which could in some cases, be harmful for them.

So in this short video we talk about the same and in upcoming videos we will continue to help you guys with these misleading info. And other stuff..and I hope that you guys are doing well and are fit and healthy.

Myth No. 1: Supplements Will Bulk You Up & Help Shed Fat

My friends if you are going to gym and your trainer keeps on pushing you towards these supplements then better cancel your membership there. Because supplements are supplements, these can only be taken just up to 10% of your total diet weightage. Beyond that if you are taking them as a normal routine as a part of your fitness regime, then you are on a wrong track. It is infact very unhealthy for you.

So once you are going to the Gym, please don’t blindly consume supplements on recommendation of your trainer. What is natural is natural. However if you still want to go for supplements then it should not be more then 10%.

Myth No. 2: No Carbs After Sunset

2nd myth is ‘No carbs after Sunset’. Well there is no harm in it. If you are working out, you are building muscles and thus carbs are very much needed in your body. In such a case I would rather suggest you to eat a lot of carbs even after sunset and not to restrict yourself on this count. However, the one thing that you must keep in mind is that there must be an adequate time gap of around 3 hours from your last meal to your bed time.

Myth No. 3: Only Calorie Count Matters

Diet Myth no 3 is that ‘only calorie count matters;. Well if you are aiming to building some muscles, then for instance, you might be required to take a 2400 calorie diet. Then, in that case, the 2400 calories can’t be only form a single source. Rather it must be a good combination of proteins, carbs and fats. So as I say, it’s the combination that is much more important to make up the 2400 calories instead of just the calorie counts.

Myth No. 4: Fat Means Fat

Myth no 4 ‘Fat means fat’. Many people think that restricting fat will make them slim. It’s not that simple. You need to cut your bad fats which you consume via the junk foods, because those are the fats that are harmful. Good fat which comes in healthier forms like mono-saturated fats, unsaturated fats, are infact good for you and need to be encouraged in the diets. To lose fat, you must control your overall meal, your portion size that is best way to lose weight.

Myth No. 5: Banana Makes You Fat

Myth no 5 is that ‘banana makes you fat’. It is absolutely untrue. Banana is actually good for you. It is rich in fibres. It rather helps in losing fat and the most important, it helps control cholesterol. So now on, once you eat banana, don’t have that tension in mind that it will make you fat.

Myth No. 6: Immunity Builders Will Help Build Your Immunity

6th Myth is ‘Immunity builders will help build your immunity’. in the wake of the pandemic, lots of supplements, pills, kadhas, have sprung up overnight. These claim to be improving your immunity within a week or two and so on. Almost all these tall claims are fake. Your immunity increases with your eating pattern, your sleeping pattern, your actual life style etc.

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So if you happen to buy any of these immunity builders, thinking that overnight these will work work wonder then you are in for a shock. Not taking care of your lifestyle, eating patterns, sleeping patterns and simply depending on consuming these magic potions and pills, will eventually be harmful for your body and health in the long run. So better be careful while buying such things from the market and thinking that they alone will do wonder and increase your immunity.

So, unless you work on your eating and sleeping patterns, lifestyle etc your immunity is not going to improve.

Myth No. 7: Sugar Free Is Good

The 7th of the Diet myths is that ‘Sugar free is good’. Many of you blindly pick items labelled as low fat, low sugar, high proteins while doing your grocery. These sugar free, fat free things are not going to benefit you as these come with so many preservatives. Preservatives are always harmful for health. Most of these protein bars, artificial soothers that are there in your breakfast cereals, actually create problems. So you are on the wrong trak, if you are consuming such things. Next time whenever you go for grocery shopping, try going for natural stuff as far as possible. A little healthy calories are never bad. Try keeping away from preservatives and instead and go for natural things like fresh fruits, veggies, nuts which are all quite good to consume.”

Originally published at on 14 July 2021



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