Sometimes the fragmentary information about a particular tip may mislead the runner due to which he cannot reach the goals because of hindrance caused by some incomplete guidelines. Now the question raises that, Is the timing of running affect weight loss? Or am I burning a normal amount of calories? Is cutting fats from diet acceptable? Can I cut the number of carbohydrates from the diet?

To answer such question I have enlisted eight common weight loss mistakes runner makes during their routine.

1. Time of running

Everyone considers it easy to lose weight or burn calories by running a few miles and doing exercise. But no one takes care of the time of doing exercise. In fact, the burning rate of calories increases when it will be doing at the proper time. It will also help a runner to suppress down appetite and can easily fight with un-necessary fat all around the body.

According to some studies, it is concluded that the rate of digestion is directly proportional to the onset of the sun. Like when the sun rises it’s the best time to do exercise or run a few miles to burn calories instead of running at night when the rate ofdigestion is low. That’s why it is suggested that one should have his breakfas not later than 8 am. On the other side when the sun is at its peak, after 12 pm it’s a high time to do exercise and burn a good number of calories. So runners should understand the concept behind the time of doing exercise as it directly links to the weight loss strategies of the. Keep in mind, that there is no hitch in doing exercise at any time of the day but doing it properly can help you out in subtracting some pounds of your weight.

2. Balance in Calories

Eating a very high amount of calories than normal and consuming very low calories than normal is the leading cause behind the ill health of devoted runners. It is very important for runners and other enthusiastic athletes to keep a balance between their intake and consumption.

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It is authentic and verified that calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight but it is not advisable to cut calories beyond a prescribed limit which is considered as another of the weight loss mistakes runners make. Studies provide evidence that the energy deficit depends on the estimated energy rate of a person that varies from person to person and athlete to athlete.

Weight Loss Mistakes That Runners Make
Weight Loss Mistakes Runners Often Make (Representative Image Only)

Make sure that you are not taking few calories like less than 1000kcal per day as it leads to muscle loss and decreases metabolic rate as well. You should also not take more than normal calories as it leads to obesity because your sincerity with yourself is very important. Running and doing exercise doesn’t mean you can eat everything in any quantity at any time.

3. Cutting down on macronutrients

It is a common practice in our society that people cut down any macronutrients from a diet especially carbohydrates and fats. It is strictly said that cutting down of any nutrient to zero is dangerous for the athlete. Studies cannot assist this type of diet anymore. It is acceptable to lessen the amount of fat or carbohydrates than normal to lose weight. Doing so will lead to severe deficiencies which ultimately disturb the functioning of the body. Instead of cutting it completely,one should choose a diet that includes low-dense food. This will help you to lose weight easily without any complications and deficits.

4. Calories estimation

Weight Loss Mistakes
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It is observed that people burn calories more than the estimated amount and consider it as an achievement. Sometimes they burn lesser calories and when asked about it they tell an over-estimated amount to impress or set an image in front of the trainer. In fact, this is a loss, burning more calories is not a big task and being a liar is not a skill. Rather it damages health in many ways. It can easily harm your metabolism which ultimately results in many types of micro-nutrient deficiencies and alters absorption.

Sometimes it happens unknowingly or by mistake as the concerned person is not aware of this knowledge. So runners should be extremely careful and sensitive about these hidden points as it is considered as one of their weight loss mistakes.

5. Fiber Intake

Out of many mistakes which runners make in their daily life, ignoring the consumption of fiber is one of them. Fiber is considered a bulk that has a great effect on your appetite. Consuming fiber helps in lowering the weight to a considerable extent. The one who is not consuming fiber in daily routine and wants to lose weight is just like a person who is doing breath-taking efforts and earns nothing. So stop compromising your effort by prohibiting fiber in your daily diet and avoid this mistake as it is also very common and practiced in our society these days.

6. No or More exercise

Doing continuous training without any goal is worthless. The Excessive workout is the main cause of stress due to which the runner will not continue his running. In the same way, runners do a competitive set of running in the beginning and damage their health in the early days which will cause hindrance during the journey of completing their goals. This is how mistakes made by the runners in their daily life and meanwhile keep thinking that they are achieving a body shape. Keep in mind that continuous excessive exercise and no change in diet or lifestyle pattern are trashy.

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7. Organic and synthetic diet

The try to maintain body shape or gain muscle through a synthetic diet is not encouraged especially for beginners. The biggest misconception among athletes is avoiding natural sources and moving to synthetic ones. Sometimes the excipients and other extra substances in supplements and synthetic foods somehow alter your weight and metabolism which is not good for health. Losing weight to a considerable extent using medication should be at last choice. One should follow natural parameters to cut down calories.

8. Meals frequency

To keep balance in calorie intake and weight loss people opt to increase their meal gap or lesser the frequency of eating.  Commonly skipping meals is a common strategy these days and people are not aware of its side effect. Intermittent fasting and un-necessary meal skipping have drastic effects on health.


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