In acne there is inflammation around the sebaceous glands, with infection in their ducts, increased production of sebum, and melanin pigmentation of the sebum that lies stagnating in the ducts (blackheads). The level of vitamin A in your blood will be lower than normal, even though you may think your are getting enough in your diet.

Researchers have found large amounts of vitamin A in blackheads themselves, indicating the sufferers may need more vitamin A in their diet to replace this loss. Acne is a very common complaint and is associated with the diet of westernized countries, where up to 80 per cent of teenagers have the symptoms.

Diet To Get Rid Of Acne

If you eat the basic healthy diet as mentioned below, then you have a batter chance of preventing acne in the first place and to get rid of acne, if you already have it.

  • Choose a diet which is low in refined carbohydrates and animal fats (including whole-milk dairy foods).
  • Should be high in fibre and essential fatty acids.
  • Avoid refined sugar, as this reduces the body’s vitamin A level.
  • Choose vegetables rather than animal proteins.
  • Eat more foods containing zinc, lecithin, selenium, and vitamins A, B6, C, and E, and more raw fruits and vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables and those containing vitamin A).
  • Supplement the above foods with fresh juice made from beetroot or carrots.
  • Crushed, raw garlic (about three cloves a day) is also worth trying to get ride of acne.

Once your acne has begun to improve you should stick to this eating pattern to prevent recurrences.

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The Myth

Some people find that certain foods, such as chocolate, make acne worse, but this has not yet been confirmed by medical research. Chocolate may affect women at a particular  point in their menstrual cycle only, so observing its effects at other times is useless.

If you think foods affect your skin, record what you eat, when you menstruate, and when you have acne, to pinpoint “culprit” foods. 

Get Rid Of Acne
  • Encourage these: Raw vegetables (especially green leafy ones and garlic); essential fatty acids: vitamins A, B6, C and E; zinc.
  • Discourage Culprit Foods: Refined carbohydrates (especially added sugar); “culprit” foods.



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