Are you aware what could be the causes of your bad breath. See which ones you doubt.

Causes Of Bad Breath

  • Bad breath can be a sign of poor oral hygiene;
  • Bad breath could be due to the consumption of foods of animal origin, garlic, raw onions, or alcohol.
  • Bad breath could be due to tooth decay, gum disease, respiratory infections, fasting, or food sensitivity.
  • Some people produce insufficient gastric acid, which can lead to bacterial fermentation of food and unpleasant gases.
  • Bad breath may also be associated with anaemia, osteoporosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, ageing, candidiasis, and fever.

Control Bad Breath With Diet

Eat the basic healthy diet, with plenty of green leafy vegetables.

Sometimes a diet high in refined carbohydrates, coffee, and cows’ milk produces bad breath.

Chewing parsley counteracts the smell of garlic or onions, while chewing fennel, dill or caraway seeds, or aniseed disguises bad breath. 

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Bad Breath (Representative Image)
  • Foods To Eat: Green leafy vegetables.
  • Culprit Foods To Be Avoided: Refined carbohydrates (including added sugar); coffee; cows’ milk.


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